Petroglyphs by Night || National Geographic photo of the day


Photograph by Joseph Thomas, National Geographic Your Shot
"Imagine if we could speak to the earliest Americans," writes Your Shot contributor Joseph Thomas, who submitted this picture to the Imagine If assignment. "In a way, they are speaking to us. Photographing these petroglyphs inspires a sense of communion with the ancients who created them, a spiritual connection that reaches back through the ages. Three o'clock in the morning brought the moon into perfect position to illuminate the scene. The cactus was lit by a flashlight with an orange filter."
"The moonlit sky and the rock wall create striking planes of color that neatly divide the image. The creative use of an orange filter gives the photo a nice pop of color while balancing the petroglyph on the other side of the frame." —Monica C. Corcoran, managing editor, Your Shot

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